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    The PREMIERE of a new song and video

    'The Moment' Sviatoslav Vakarchuk:

    "I rarely tell how I wrote my songs ... But 'The Moment' is a special song ... Its history weighs no less for me than the song itself ... and maybe more ... 

    February of 2015 ... News from the East arrives with terrible numbers of those killed and wounded. And for each figure – someone's life, someone's fate! It is hard to imagine what a person experiences in war ... What someone who is heavily wounded thinks of when he realizes these might be his last moments of life. I could not calm down until I wrote the song ...

    I wrote it very emotionally in a few minutes. I picked up my guitar and a melody with words began to appear, and in 15 minutes it was already done, almost done. Except for a small but important "moment" that would not release me. Except for the last line of the song. I felt that I had not expressed everything... 

     In late May, I was in the hospital. Before entering one room the doctor warned me that the guy I will see was wounded in battle, and miraculously survived beyond human conditions. Shrapnel tore his hand off ... And with this very serious wound he spent four(!) days in the freezing cold. Alone. For the others were killed or froze. Then the doctors had to also amputate both his frostbitten feet ... but he survived!

     I was worried before making his acquaintance, yet only momentarily, until I went in to meet him and saw a confident, smiling man who re-charged me with his optimism, his plans for the future and some kind of incredible energy. In his soul was spring! And he was sharing it with the world! That evening I returned again to the song and wrote in the last line, which was missing all this time. 

    You can not lose hope. You can not give up until the last moment. Perhaps it is the last moment itself which will bring the spring, which will be the beginning of a new life. Spring, which you will want to share with the whole world."